The Moment Group Safety Policies

Here’s how Team Moment strives to keep everybody safe, healthy, and nourished as we serve you via delivery and personal pick up. 

Daily morning check-in 

At the start of each day, we do a daily roll call of our team leaders and members via WhatsApp. Anybody who exhibits at least one (1) of the COVID-19 symptoms or who has had contact with anyone exhibiting the symptoms is not allowed to come to work, and must self-quarantine for at least 14 days and is closely monitored. Medical clearance from reputable hospitals and clinics is required for reporting back to work. 

Mandatory health check 

Before entering the shop, team members complete a mandatory health check, which includes a temperature check. 


Team members travel via company shuttle or take their private vehicles. 

Protective gear 

Inside the shop, team members wear face masks and practice proper respiratory etiquette, and wear protective gloves as necessary. 

Regular hand washing 

Team members wash their hands with antibacterial soap every 30 minutes at the very least while on the job. Hand sanitizers are frequently applied after and in between hand washing. Cashiers use hand sanitizers after every transaction. 

Contactless service 

When working with delivery partner drivers and guests doing personal pick up, team members practice curbside pick up, which is as contactless as possible. We also encourage guests to use contactless payment through online bank deposits or GCash. 

Regular disinfection 

Hi-touch points and objects such as door handles, menus, transaction numbers, money trays, oval trays, cash registers, tables, and trolleys are wiped down and disinfected after each use. Third party disinfection services are employed to ensure that each nook and cranny of our shops and kitchens is sanitized. 

Proper sanitation of food items and processes 

Each step in our process, from receipt of ingredients, washing of vegetables, fruits and produce, to food preparation, packaging, and turning over to delivery partners and guests, makes use of the appropriate sanitizing agents. Food grade chemical cleaning agents are used for kitchen surfaces and tables.

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